Asheville Area Chamber Impact Survey and Town Halls

Updated May 6 to include recording links for Town Halls.

Take Action: Fill in the 2nd Impact Survey and Participate in Industry-Specific Town Halls

The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce is gathering input via an updated survey and through Town Halls focused on specific industry groups. Town Halls are open to business owners, managers or senior leadership. Registration required, see schedule below.

2nd Impact Survey
The North Carolina General Assembly is about to go into session to consider COVID-19 relief measures, and they need to hear from you and business leaders in your networks about what you need now and what obstacles you’ve faced as this crisis has evolved. Business owners, fill in the survey here.

Info on the Town Halls:
Business owners and leaders were invited to join industry-specific town halls to share ideas or strategies that could benefit each specific industry group in the next phases of reopening and recovery.

Town Halls included Buncombe County public health experts to clarify what reopening would mean from a public health perspective, the decision-making process that will go into it and expectations around timing (at least what is known at the moment).

While public health and safety take precedence, these Town Hall’s will inform the guidance County officials might issue for essential and non-essential businesses in the coming weeks.

Discussions were facilitated by Asheville Chamber staff with Buncombe County public health experts. Participants were able to share their comments via Zoom chat.

Watch recordings of Town Halls by clicking the links below. 

FAQ from the Town Halls, information related to employment and lending can be found on the Chamber of Commerce website.

Town Halls were open to business owners, managers or senior leadership.