April 21st: Virtual Celebrating and Connecting thru Fungi (in Honor of Earth Day)

Perfect for those who are invested in keeping Asheville weird, amazing, and down to earth during the pandemic, our local indie Grail MovieHouse is featuring the magic of mushrooms and the mycelium network that thrives beneath our feet: Fantastic Fungi is available for streaming for via their Sofa Cinema series.

As the 50th anniversary of Earth Day approaches, now more than ever, we need to recognize that our connections – to our planet and to one another – can have deep-rooted and long lasting effects on our lives and our collective future.

You can rent the film for a measly $4.99 for a 48-hour period to watch with the kids, and we dare say even date night, as the Santa Monica Press’s Sarah Spitz says of Schwartzberg’s documentary in her review, ““He makes mushrooms look totally sexy as they explode into “sporegasms,” releasing their reproductive bits into the environment.””

Better yet, for the serious aficionado, the filmmakers are hosting a free virtual gathering for connection and conversation on Fungi day, April 21st featuring live streaming of special guests including “researchers, educators and solutionaries.” Just register online!

For the price of one ticket, GrailHouse is offering other arthouse titles “and theatrical streaming exclusives, not available on other streaming platforms.” A portion of each purchase goes directly to the Grail Moviehouse to help them get through this temporary closure. So be sure to explore…history buffs will appreciate historical imagery of Asheville in The Conquest of Canaan and feminist artists will cheer the rewriting of abstract art history through the celebration of Hilma Af Kimt’s early twentieth century paintings in Beyond the Visible.

There is even a pay what you can for The Best of Cat Videofest…the ultimate in shelter-at-home comfort when you’ve decided it’s time to cower under the covers with a pint of The Hop ice cream (yes you can order pre-packaged pints for pick up every week on Tuesdays!)

< Don’t forget your doggie ice cream from The Hop so your pup won’t be jealous you are watching cat videos!