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We’re heartbroken over the impact of COVID-19 on our community: most of all, the threat to the health of the most vulnerable, those who care for them, and those who work in essential services. 

But these aren’t normal times.

To address the needs of all of our community members, we’re putting together a directory of West Asheville places that are still open for business–whether it’s for walk-ups, drive-ups, or delivery. We’re also working to identify which businesses are taking online orders for goods or offering online gift card purchasing for future use.

We know it can be hard to find where to turn for assistance, where to find clear and accurate information regarding COVID-19, and clear direction on how to help others in our community. It can be overwhelming and scary. We’ve done a lot of sorting and sourcing for you and hope this helps you get the information you need with a bit less stress in your day.

Please check back as we will be updating our content continually (sign up for our e-news to stay informed), adding in articles that help to clarify and put news items in context, and provide updates to the resources listed. Know of something we missed? Links to simple forms are on each page. Thanks for helping us!

We love you West Asheville and thank you for supporting each other in this time of need. Together, we’ll get through this crisis.

The onHaywood.com Team
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