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From the New Belgium Brewing Blog, September 17, 2014


NBB-impact-graphics-3Malt Silos Preparation – Anticipated neighborhood impact: 3 of 5 (material delivery, setting steel columns)

Malt Silos store malt for brewing

  • Malt Silos construction will begin with setting steel columns in the next week and continue through November.  The Malt Silos are located within the retaining walls on the west end of the site.  The nine silos will be constructed in pieces and then walled in later this year.
  • While the process begins in mid-September, visually, you will see it starting to take shape around mid-October.

Site Panorama – see the site from the inside

Cellar Foundations

  • You may have noticed the columns that went up on site.  They are the foundation for the concrete deck for the fermentation and brite tanks.
  • We are setting forms for the deck and tying rebar in preparation for pouring the concrete deck for the tanks.


NBB-impact-graphics-2Concrete Foundation Work-Anticipated neighborhood impact: 2 of 5 (trucks along Riverside and Craven)

  • Foundation continues and runs through the first of next year.  You will see increased trucks along Riverside Dr. and Craven St., and you may see some on Haywood Rd.  You will see material deliveries on site and trucks hauling dirt.
  • We ended up working one Sunday during our extended hours permit with the City through September 7, 2014.  Thank you for your understanding and patience during that process.



  • Precast walls will begin to go up this Fall and continue through 2015
  • The concrete deck for the fermentation and brite tanks will be poured this Fall.
  • Pile driving will resume by the end of October and will last approximately two weeks, weather pending.

Craven Street Improvements: The City is making improvements to Craven Street through summer 2015.  There will be street closures and delays.


The standard work week is five days.  While the target is to work Monday through Friday, schedule delays will cause the work week to extend into the weekend on occasion (with Sunday being the rare occasion). Without City approval, work will begin no earlier than 7 AM on weekdays and 8 AM on the weekend.


Please be aware, this is an active and secured construction site.  Thank you for respecting the safety boundaries of the site. If you see unauthorized activity on site, please call the police.


Please e-mail us at AshevilleBrewery@NewBelgium.com or leave us a voice mail at 828-333-6900.  We will get back with you.  Also, you can find answers to FAQs here.

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