Haywood Road Crosswalk is Test Site for Pedestrian Safety Flags

By on March 8, 2016


pedestrian-safety-flagPedestrians crossing Haywood Road near Ingles have a new tool to help make them more visible to vehicles – bright yellow crossing flags.

Pedestrians are encouraged to grab a flag from the holder located at either end of the crosswalk and display or wave the flag as they use the crosswalk, depositing the flag in the holder on the other side to be used by the next pedestrian. The bright yellow color and reflective strip increases visibility of the person carrying the flag so drivers of vehicles are reminded to yield to the pedestrian in the crosswalk.

The City of Asheville selected this mid-block crosswalk near Virginia Avenue to be part of a city-wide pilot program due to the high volume of pedestrians crossing at this location. Mid-block crosswalks are particularly challenging for pedestrians as drivers of vehicles often are not as attentive as at signaled intersections. The pilot program is testing the effectiveness of pedestrian flags at various locations around the City to support safer interactions between citizens using various modes of transit.

Photo by Alice io Oglesby

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