Goats at Work on the Hominy Creek Greenway

By on June 6, 2015


Hominy-Creek-Greenway-goatYes, goats on the Hominy Creek Greenway – they are happily eating up invasive plants.

**** UPDATE: Due to an incident with a dog that was off-leash, the goats were removed from the greenway early. ****

Throughout June visitors to the Hominy Creek Greenway, the 14-acre park between Sandhill and Shelbourne Roads in West Asheville, will see goats alongside the walking path. The goats are part of a partnership between the Friends of Hominy Creek Greenway (FOHCG) and the City of Asheville to remove invasive plant material from the park. This is the first phase of goat herbivory, with a second phase happening later in the year.

Through a grant from Buncombe County, the FOHCG hired KD Ecological Services, to supply and manage the goats on the property, and ensure care and safety of the goats and visitors to the park. Goats are contained within electric wire fencing, along with an additional plastic fence along areas directly adjacent to the trail. Goats are monitored on a daily basis.

Please be aware of the fencing, especially when using the park with children and dogs. We ask that you do not feed or pet the goats.  

Non-native plants are a growing threat in the Carolinas. They displace native plants and animals, decrease property values and hinder access to land resources. Using goats is a very effective way to control non-native invasive plants with an ecologically friendly technique. No machinery needs to be used, and little, to no, herbicide is needed to control large monocultures of non-native plants.

FOHCG and the City of Asheville joined forces in 2013 to maintain and make improvements to the Hominy Creek Greenway. FOHCG and the city share recurring maintenance, while FOHCG takes the lead on special projects such as invasive plant control, trail maintenance and trail amenities. Asheville Greenworks and RiverLink are also partners to maintain the park. Connect directly with those organizations if you are interested in volunteering to help maintain the greenway.

For information about the invasive species removal project at the Hominy Creek Greenway, contact Jack Igelman at jack@igelman.com or Debbie Ivester at divester@ashevillnc.gov.

For information about the goats and the herbivory services, contact KD Ecological Services at 828-290-9380.

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