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Organic Mechanic Minds the Oil and the Soil

By Brian Postelle on March 15, 2016


Car repair is historically regarded as dirty work. How else would a term like “Grease Monkey” happen? But in the bay garages of the Organic Mechanic, auto technicians are fighting that perception – and winning. For a more than decade, Organic Mechanic’s sign has hung above Haywood Road, drawing attention, and customers, for its commitment to “Responsible

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Haywood Road Crosswalk is Test Site for Pedestrian Safety Flags

By Aliceio on March 8, 2016


Pedestrians crossing Haywood Road near Ingles have a new tool to help make them more visible to vehicles - bright yellow crossing flags. Pedestrians are encouraged to grab a flag from the holder located at either end of the crosswalk and display or wave the flag as they use the crosswalk, depositing the flag in the holder on the other side to be used by the next

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How Sweet It Is!

By Brian Postelle on March 8, 2016


Doughnuts, ice cream, cider and cakes. With sweet picks like that, the east end of Haywood Road couldn’t be a more inviting gateway into West Asheville. With the arrival of Short Street Cakes in 2009, followed by the opening of the Hop Ice Creamery, Urban Orchard Cider Co. and Hole Doughnuts, the corridor was firmly established as a go-to for tasty treats. So it

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French Broad River West Greenway Info Open House

By Aliceio on March 3, 2016


Greenways are beneficial to community members because they provide safe and fun ways for everyone to get around town. The Asheville Greenway Committee and the City of Asheville will be hosting two drop-in style informational open houses for upcoming greenway projects. French Broad River West and Beaucatcher are the two longest pieces of the River to Ridge Greenway

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13th Year

2017 marks the 13th year of the West Asheville printed map. Our thanks go out to all the local businesses that have supported this project over the years.