2017 Marks 13th Edition of the West Asheville Map

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Seems just a few years ago that we started the West Asheville map project and here we are getting ready to publish the 13th edition!

onHaywood.com started as an online only listing of all the businesses along Haywood Road in West Asheville. We walked the street, took photos and jotted down information – hours, phone numbers, addresses – then hand-coded a mapping website directory to our neighborhood businesses.

This was prior to Google Maps and GPS enabled phones. Really. There wasn’t a way for people to just open up their smart phone and see where they were and what was nearby. Technology caught up and now there are numerous ways to locate a business, check hours, message, tag, rate, buy online, or reserve a table. That is awesome, and we use those tools on a daily basis. We do however love a physical map and find that many feel the same way. A map you can spread out on a table, write notes on, follow roads, plan your walk or bike ride, see what is nearby in a broader sense, and not have to worry about your cell reception or battery life.

OHmap-Cover17-webAs we confirm advertisers for the 13th edition of the printed West Asheville map and dig in to a major overhaul of our online presence we reflect back on the changes in West Asheville over our time here. In 2002, when we were online only, West Asheville had a solid core of service businesses covering automotive, barbershops, insurance, health care, office needs and repair. A good number of retail businesses were based around pawn, antiques, appliances, furniture and thrift shops. There was a short list of restaurants, bars and music venues and many vacant properties. It is interesting to look back at the old onHaywood.com website listings and see which business are still operating and what buildings are now in use.

We’ve seen businesses change ownership, some close, others adjust their focus for a new customer base, buildings renovated and refreshed, and new construction along the corridor. There is no doubt that walking along Haywood Road in 2017 is a different experience then in 2002. There is a lot more activity with fewer vacant buildings, a lot more pedestrians and bicyclists, more young families living nearby and many more visitors heading to our part of town, hopefully with our map in hand.

We look forward to continuing to document and support the businesses of Haywood Road and our surrounding community as we revamp our website to focus more on the stories of  West Asheville – our home and welcoming place to visit.

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14th Year

2018 marks the 14th year of the onHaywood.com West Asheville printed map. Our thanks go out to all the local businesses that have supported this project over the years.